HealthyCT & TANGO bring health insurance to non-profits

HealthyCT and TANGO Join to Bring a Preferred Health Insurance to Non-Profit Groups

HealthyCT, Connecticut’s non-profit health insurance CO-OP, has joined forces with The Alliance for Non-profit Growth and Opportunity, Inc., or TANGO, to bring its health plans for small and large businesses to non-profit organizations across the state on a preferred basis. TANGO is a first-of-its-kind collaboration platform that brings non-profits together to lower costs on professional services such as employee benefits, human resource consulting, management consulting and marketing, among others. Membership in TANGO is free to any 501(c) non-profit organization, and additional membership information is available at or at 1-877-708-2646.

The partnership with TANGO inspired HealthyCT to create a special suite of plans with preferred pricing for participating non-profit groups. These plans are exclusively offered through TANGO’s founding partner, Schuster Driscoll, LLC, an employee benefit consulting and brokerage firm based in Farmington that specializes in the non-profit sector.

“As a non-profit health insurance company, working directly with TANGO to reach out to other non-profits who share our values makes perfect sense,” said HealthyCT CEO Ken Lalime. “This strategic partnership will help us bring HealthyCT’s unique brand of health insurance directly to the employers who need quality, affordable coverage for their employees.”

“My vision for TANGO was to ‘help non-profits thrive’ by channeling their collective clout to create positive change. TANGO has reached an exciting tipping point with more than 850 non-profit members representing over 120,000 employees. We have achieved the scale needed to drive true innovation in the sector. Our preferred partnership with HealthyCT is a perfect example of how the power of TANGO can deliver a unique solution to the state’s rising healthcare costs. We are thrilled to have partnered with the only non-profit health insurance CO-OP in Connecticut,” said Rollin Schuster, TANGO founder and president.

Non-profit and for-profit businesses of all sizes can continue to enroll with HealthyCT throughout the calendar year. All HealthyCT plans have access to the same growing provider network, which has more than 13,000 unique providers and more being added daily. Participating providers can be looked up at

HealthyCT is one of two dozen CO-OPs across the country, but it is the only one created by physicians and independent physician practices. Its approach to medical care follows the patient-centered medical home model of care. As a non-profit company, any surpluses it earns are to be used to stabilize the price of premiums or enhance programs and benefits, which are decisions made by a board comprised of employers, physicians and consumer members.

About HealthyCT
Founded by physicians and started with a federal loan in 2012, HealthyCT’s mission is to provide Connecticut residents with comprehensive health insurance and easy access to quality healthcare. It is committed to developing an innovative, progressive health plan that ensures the delivery of patient-centered care for individuals, families and businesses. Unlike traditional for-profit insurance companies, any profits generated by HealthyCT are to be used to stabilize or reduce premiums to consumers and businesses and/or enhance plan benefits. HealthyCT can be found at; on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; and at 35 Thorpe Avenue in Wallingford.

The Alliance for Non-profit Growth and Opportunity, Inc. (TANGO), a first-of-its-kind collaboration platform, draws strength from bringing non-profits together. Members have access to discounted and value-added professional services and other resources that renew their energy and leave more money for their mission. In addition, TANGO offers its community of more than 850 non-profit member organizations a wide range of workshops and in-person forums in an effort to educate the sector by sharing the intellectual capital of its diverse partner network. To learn more, visit