Wellthie Announces New Partnership with HealthyCT to Support Health Insurance Eligibility and Enrollment Efforts for Individuals and Families

Affordable Care Advisor for Individuals Allows Individuals and Families to Explore Their Health Care Options in a Simplified Way as the End of Open Enrollment Draws Near

New York, NY, February 11, 2015 – In the final days of open enrollment, which ends on February 15th, Connecticut residents and their families will be able to make easier decisions about their health care plans, as Wellthie, a health care technology company offering a comprehensive software and analytics platform that helps people understand their health insurance options and eligibility for financial assistance in a simple way, announces a new partnership with HealthyCT, a Connecticut-based health insurance provider.

Wellthie’s Affordable Care Advisor for Individuals is available to Connecticut individuals and families on the HealthyCT homepage at www.healthyct.org. The Affordable Care Advisor is a web-based platform that acts as a single-front door for any consumer to help them understand the tax credits or public programs for which they may be eligible, view their coverage options from HealthyCT and bottom-line premium costs in a straightforward and simple way. Consumers are then able to quickly browse and compare plans before being directed to the Connecticut health insurance exchange or HealthyCT’s internal process to get enrolled.

“We are excited to partner with HealthyCT to introduce our Affordable Care Advisor platform to Connecticut residents,” said Sally Poblete, CEO, Wellthie. “Our robust platform will help individuals and families navigate their health care options in a simple way so that they can find the right plan and then get the most out of their new coverage.”

“Wellthie’s innovative technology allows consumers to come to HealthyCT to find out what they need to know – and enroll – without having to hunt for other websites,” said Ken Lalime, HealthyCT CEO. “Connecticut consumers now have one personalized tool at HealthyCT.org to help them learn if they qualify for Medicaid or tax credits with a HealthyCT exchange plan, or to shop for HealthyCT’s many other plans. This is more important than ever with the end of open enrollment looming, and after that, if they experience an important life event.”

For more information on the Affordable Care Advisor for Individuals or any of Wellthie’s other products, please visit Wellthie.com.


About Wellthie

Wellthie offers the only software platform that helps people understand their health insurance options, confidently choose the right plan from their insurer and make the most of their benefits. Installed on an insurer’s site and matched to their brand, our easy-to-use software offers a welcoming front door that’s designed to educate, enroll and retain customers looking for health insurance. For more information, visit, http://www.wellthie.com

About HealthyCT

Founded by physicians, HealthyCT’s mission is to provide Connecticut residents with comprehensive health insurance and easy access to quality healthcare. It is committed to developing an innovative, progressive health plan that ensures the delivery of patient-centered care for individuals, families and businesses of all sizes. Unlike traditional for-profit insurance companies, any profits generated by HealthyCT are to be used to stabilize or reduce premiums to consumers and businesses, and/or to enhance plan benefits and services. HealthyCT can be found at www.healthyct.org; across social media @HealthyCTPlan and at 35 Thorpe Avenue in Wallingford. HealthyCT’s toll-free phone number is 1-855-HLTHYCT (458-4928).