HealthyCT Board of Directors nominations surge

Members vying to sit on insurance company board

WALLINGFORD, CONNECTICUT, August 3, 2015 – HealthyCT, Connecticut’s non-profit health insurance CO-OP, experienced extremely high interest among its approximately 30,000 members for the company’s second Board of Directors election. On the heels of a successful 2015 enrollment period, 47 policyholders stepped forward to nominate themselves for election to the three open seats on the HealthyCT Board. Last year, for its first Board election, just over a dozen members nominated themselves to serve.

At a time when the insurance industry in Connecticut is undergoing massive change through consolidation, HealthyCT is the state’s only Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan, or CO-OP. As such, at least six of the 11 voting members on HealthyCT’s Board are policyholders who have been elected by their fellow HealthyCT members. Following background checks and an interview process, this year’s voting, which will be managed by an outside vendor, will open on Monday, November 23 and close at the HealthyCT Annual Meeting in January.

Governance by members makes HealthyCT different from every other health insurance company in Connecticut. Last year’s election put six HealthyCT members onto the Board.

“I expected the current Board members to welcome us; however, I was pleasantly surprised that they were soliciting opinions and input from new Board members with experience from both inside and outside of the insurance industry to make solid decisions for the future. It proves that a Board of diverse experiences, expertise, and business is essential for success,” said Heather LaTorra of Rocky Hill, who is serving her first term.

New Board Member Joyce Barcley has served on many other non-profit boards, and has discovered that her service to HealthyCT is unlike any of those.

“There is nothing typical about HealthyCT. There is nothing typical about a HealthyCT member. Only HealthyCT members have the opportunity to serve and have a voice in leadership, direction and working to achieve the goals they establish for the company,” the Oxford resident said.

HealthyCT members in good standing as of September 30 who are 18 years old or older, pass a background check, and have not served on a Board of another insurance carrier since 2010, are eligible to serve as long as they are not a representative of any state, federal or local government or quasi-governmental body.

The Board of Directors also includes non-voting representatives of the two organizations that sponsored the creation of HealthyCT, the Connecticut State Medical Society and the Connecticut State Medical Society Independent Practice Association (CSMS-IPA).

HealthyCT is an NCQA-accredited insurer offering a variety of health insurance plans to individuals and businesses in Connecticut. The non-profit company has one provider network for all products, with more than 17,700 unique individual providers and all of the state’s hospitals in its network. It sells its individual and group products on Access Health CT, through private insurance exchanges, and through insurance brokers and agents.

About HealthyCT
Founded by physicians, HealthyCT opened for business in 2013 with a mission to provide Connecticut residents with comprehensive health insurance and easy access to quality healthcare. It is committed to developing an innovative, progressive health plan that ensures the delivery of patient-centered care for individuals, families and businesses of all sizes. Unlike traditional for-profit insurance companies, any profits generated by HealthyCT are to be used to stabilize or reduce premiums to consumers and businesses, and/or to enhance plan benefits and services. HealthyCT can be found at; across social media @HealthyCTPlan and at 35 Thorpe Avenue in Wallingford. HealthyCT’s toll-free phone number is 1-855-HLTHYCT (458-4928).