Patient-Centered Care

Focus On Patient-Centered Care

As a HealthyCT member, you chose a health plan started by physicians. You can get high quality healthcare from a large network of hospitals and healthcare professionals across Connecticut. And that includes many primary care physicians who can help you stay well and treat or manage a medical condition.


Primary means first, essential, central. So it should be no surprise that primary care physicians – or PCPs – should be your first choice when it comes to your health. They can help you get essential screenings to avoid or identify and treat some illnesses. And your PCP and staff serve as command central when you need medical tests or care they don’t offer.

Because PCPs get to know their patients well over time, they can be in the best position to:

  • Support and guide you when you’re well, to better help you when you’re sick.
  • Make sure you get important health screenings to prevent or detect problems.
  • Treat many illnesses; usually at much less cost than a visit to the ER or urgent care.
  • Help you understand your medical choices and choose the right ones.
  • Refer you to other health specialists for tests and appointments, as well as other community resources, when needed.
  • Keep your medical file, including services and reports from them and other healthcare providers.
  • Focus on your overall health and well-being.

Many PCPs are changing the way they work with patients to deliver a higher level of care and service. Patients in these practices can expect a great deal of support when it comes to getting the help they need. Longer office hours usually makes accessing care easier. And patients learn how to keep themselves healthy. When high-performing PCP practices meet the strict standards for patient-focused care, they can receive special recognition as a “patient-centered medical home” or “PCMH.”


We’re working closely with physicians, including our Primary Care Provider Advisory Council. With the Council, we’re educating physicians, employers and members about the value of primary care and the extra value offered by PCMH practices. We’ve invested in education for PCP practices that want to earn PCMH recognition. And we’re creating a new model to support primary care and pay patient-centered practices fairly for the additional work and dedication required to practice truly patient-centered care for you and your family.


To find a PCP in our network, visit Select Find a Doctor. To find a PCMH-designated practice, enter your search information and select Yes under the PCMH dropdown menu.

  • Lower total cost of care.
  • Reduced use of unnecessary and avoidable services.
  • Improved health measures.
  • Increased use of preventive care.
  • Better access to care.
  • Improved patient satisfaction.

Source: Connecticut Health Policy Project Issue Brief, June 2014,

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