HealthyCT Order of Rehabilitation – Frequently Asked Questions

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Is HealthyCT going out of business?

HealthyCT is under an Order of Rehabilitation from the Superior Court in Hartford, Connecticut which names Connecticut Insurance Commissioner Katharine Wade as Rehabilitator. An Order of Liquidation will be sought in December as the next progression in the orderly runoff of HealthyCT with the primary goal of protecting policyholders. We are not selling new policies or renewing existing policies. But we continue to provide service and pay claims to our existing members until their coverage ends, and financial obligations to healthcare providers will be met.

How long will HealthyCT continue to provide coverage to existing members?

HealthyCT coverage for individual members ends December 31, 2016, as long as they continue to pay their premiums. Group member coverages with contract end dates in 2017 will now terminate January 31, 2017. Please remember that you are responsible for any non-covered health care goods and services, deductibles and/or copayments.

If you have problems with a provider who states they no longer accept HealthyCT insurance, please call customer services at 1-855-458-4928. If the provider was a contracted provider as of November 1, 2016, the provider is required by the Rehabilitation Order to continue to provide services to HealthyCT insurance policyholders and the provider is prohibited from balance billing members.