HealthyCT Prescription, Dental & Vision Benefits

Prescription Coverage

All HealthyCT plans offer prescription drug coverage. We work with OptumRx, a pharmacy benefits company, to give you access to a large national network of pharmacies – including community drug stores, pharmacy chains, retailers and supermarkets. If you take a medication to manage a health condition, you can choose whether to buy it locally or have it delivered to your home. And if you need certain high-cost “specialty” drugs, OptumRx may be able to help you save on those prescriptions.

Visit OptumRx’s website to learn more about pharmacy benefits or look up specific drugs.

HealthyCT members: to manage your prescrition benefits, click here.

Dental Coverage

All HealthyCT individual and small group plans include dental coverage for children under age 19. We work with Delta Dental to connect you with a national network of dentists, and to make sure your dental claims are processed quickly and accurately.

Visit Delta Dental’s website to learn more about your dental benefits.*

Vision Coverage

All HealthyCT individual and small group plans include vision coverage for children under age 19. Adult routine vision exams are covered by all large group plans, and some individual and small group plans.

To see what’s covered by a specific plan, visit our plans and review the documents for that plan.

For more information about HealthyCT plans, call us at 1-855-HLTHYCT.

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