Voting Opens for HealthyCT Board of Directors

CO-OP members to assume majority after historic inaugural election; voting continues as Open Enrollment begins WALLINGFORD, CT, November 3, 2014 – Individuals, small and large business representatives, non-profit leaders and physicians comprise the ballot of candidates HealthyCT members will choose from when voting for their new Board of Directors beginning Thursday, November 13. And because HealthyCT is a Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan, or CO-OP, its members will occupy the majority of voting seats on the Board of the non-profit health insurance company. The 12 candidates on the ballot hail from across Connecticut. Over the summer, the health insurer began notifying members about the opportunity to serve on and/or vote for the Board. Candidates were able to nominate themselves as long as they were a HealthyCT member in good standing and at least age 18 or older. They also had to pass a background check; have not served on the Board of another insurance carrier since 2009; and not be serving as a representative of any state, federal or local government or quasi-governmental body. Thirteen individuals applied, in addition to several candidates already serving on the Board. Online voting, managed by an outside election vendor, opens to HealthyCT members on … Read More

HealthyCT launches new payment model for coordinated care

Pilot provides incentives to physicians for managing patients with complex and chronic conditions, keeping patients healthy WALLINGFORD, CT, October 27, 2014 – HealthyCT, Connecticut’s non-profit health insurance CO-OP, has begun rolling out an innovative payment program to a pilot group of primary-care practices across the state. The practices can earn additional reimbursement by providing a level of quality care that not only helps keep their patients healthy, but also delivers comprehensive care coordination for those patients with chronic conditions. As an insurance company founded by physicians, HealthyCT partnered with more than a dozen physician practices across the state and Qualidigm, a quality improvement organization, to develop the Advanced Practice Medical Payment Model (A-PMPM). The program offers incentives to physicians for the enhanced care provided through the patient-centered medical home, a form of patient care that involves a deep level of coordination among a HealthyCT member’s physicians and other health care providers. “The first step in creating the model was engaging primary-care physicians. We’ve worked closely with a variety of primary-care practices – from solo practitioners to multi-specialty groups – and Qualidigm over the past year to define program requirements and appropriate incentives,” said HealthyCT CEO Ken Lalime. “The result is … Read More

Go grocery shopping with your insurer

Go grocery shopping with your insurer (CT Post) It wouldn’t occur to most people to shop for food through their insurance company’s website. But that’s just what a new partnership between non-profit health insurance provider HealthyCT and the Stamford-based online farmers’ market Fresh Nation is asking state residents to do. (Read More)

PPI Benefit Solutions and HealthyCT agreement creates new option for large groups

PPI Benefit Solutions and HealthyCT Agreement Creates New Health Insurance Option for Large Groups PPI Benefit Solutions (PPI), a leading provider of benefits administration technology and services, has signed an agreement with HealthyCT, Connecticut’s physician-sponsored, non-profit health insurance company, to provide Connecticut employers and brokers with a new health plan option. HealthyCT is a Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (CO-OP) where any profits are invested back into products, programs, services and future premium stabilization or reduction. It has a statewide network of more than 15,000 providers, and it provides health insurance coverage to individuals, small and large groups. Through PPI, HealthyCT can offer groups with 51 or more employees a benefits administration platform that consolidates online enrollment, a powerful HR portal, integrated COBRA administration, consolidated billing, and claims advocacy for a broad range of benefits and carrier products all in one place. The addition of PPI’s services will add tremendous new value for employers and brokers. “HealthyCT has designed a compelling model of health care delivery and management, and we are very excited to add HealthyCT as a preferred carrier to our portfolio of health insurance plans,” said Luis Nunes, President & CEO of PPI Benefit Solutions. “PPI has an … Read More

HealthyCT opens Board of Directors nominations

HealthyCT opens Board of Directors nominations: First election process begins; members to sit on insurance company board HealthyCT, Connecticut’s non-profit health insurance CO-OP, has begun notifying members that the nomination process is now open for the company’s first Board of Directors election. As a Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan, or CO-OP, at least six of the 11 voting members on HealthyCT’s Board will be policyholders. The nomination period will close on September 15. Voting, which will be managed by an outside vendor, will begin in mid-November and end December 15 at the HealthyCT Annual Meeting. Those elected will begin serving their terms on January 1. “This election is at the heart of what HealthyCT is all about and what makes us different from every other health insurance company in Connecticut,” said HealthyCT CEO Ken Lalime. “As a CO-OP, we are member-governed. That governance is through our Board of Directors so the individuals who come forward and are elected will help determine the direction this company takes.” Leading up to this point, HealthyCT has been governed by representatives from various Connecticut-based non-profits and small businesses. The current Board also includes representatives of the two organizations that sponsored the creation of HealthyCT, … Read More

HealthyCT joins Chamber of Commerce of Eastern CT

HealthyCT joins Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut (The Day) HealthyCT, Connecticut’s doctor-sponsored nonprofit health insurance company, has become the latest organization to join the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut as a regional benefactor. (Read More)

HealthyCT & TANGO bring health insurance to non-profits

HealthyCT and TANGO Join to Bring a Preferred Health Insurance to Non-Profit Groups HealthyCT, Connecticut’s non-profit health insurance CO-OP, has joined forces with The Alliance for Non-profit Growth and Opportunity, Inc., or TANGO, to bring its health plans for small and large businesses to non-profit organizations across the state on a preferred basis. TANGO is a first-of-its-kind collaboration platform that brings non-profits together to lower costs on professional services such as employee benefits, human resource consulting, management consulting and marketing, among others. Membership in TANGO is free to any 501(c) non-profit organization, and additional membership information is available at or at 1-877-708-2646. The partnership with TANGO inspired HealthyCT to create a special suite of plans with preferred pricing for participating non-profit groups. These plans are exclusively offered through TANGO’s founding partner, Schuster Driscoll, LLC, an employee benefit consulting and brokerage firm based in Farmington that specializes in the non-profit sector. “As a non-profit health insurance company, working directly with TANGO to reach out to other non-profits who share our values makes perfect sense,” said HealthyCT CEO Ken Lalime. “This strategic partnership will help us bring HealthyCT’s unique brand of health insurance directly to the employers who need quality, affordable … Read More

HealthyCT achieves important quality rating from NCQA

HealthyCT marks licensing anniversary by achieving important quality rating from NCQA HealthyCT, Connecticut’s non-profit health insurance CO-OP, is marking the anniversary of receiving its state insurance license. The company is pleased to announce that it has achieved an important milestone: National Committee for Quality Assurance Interim Accreditation. NCQA is an independent organization dedicated to assessing and reporting on the quality of managed care plans, new health plans, physicians organizations and other health-related programs. Accreditation involved review of programs and policies by a team of physicians and health plan experts looking to see how well a plan delivers value and improves health care for its members. “It is a terrific feat for a start-up company like HealthyCT to achieve NCQA Accreditation. Everything we do at HealthyCT is about changing the way health care is delivered to our members for the better,” said HealthyCT CEO Ken Lalime. “This is a testament to our shared belief that there is room in Connecticut for health care done differently.” HealthyCT also begins a new chapter this month by providing coverage to its first large group (51+ employees), Bristol ARC, a non-profit that has been assisting adults with disabilities for more than 50 years. “Bristol Adult … Read More