HealthyCT launches new payment model for coordinated care

Pilot provides incentives to physicians for managing patients with complex and chronic conditions, keeping patients healthy WALLINGFORD, CT, October 27, 2014 – HealthyCT, Connecticut’s non-profit health insurance CO-OP, has begun rolling out an innovative payment program to a pilot group of primary-care practices across the state. The practices can earn additional reimbursement by providing a level of quality care that not only helps keep their patients healthy, but also delivers comprehensive care coordination for those patients with chronic conditions. As an insurance company founded by physicians, HealthyCT partnered with more than a dozen physician practices across the state and Qualidigm, a quality improvement organization, to develop the Advanced Practice Medical Payment Model (A-PMPM). The program offers incentives to physicians for the enhanced care provided through the patient-centered medical home, a form of patient care that involves a deep level of coordination among a HealthyCT member’s physicians and other health care providers. “The first step in creating the model was engaging primary-care physicians. We’ve worked closely with a variety of primary-care practices – from solo practitioners to multi-specialty groups – and Qualidigm over the past year to define program requirements and appropriate incentives,” said HealthyCT CEO Ken Lalime. “The result is … Read More